9 Old Resume Must-Haves You Need to Delete Immediately

Many applicants are continuing to make avoidable mistakes on their resumes. So, before you press submit, make sure you’ve left these outdated elements off.

Today’s work world is full of remote and hybrid opportunities, so there’s really no need to include your physical address on your resume anymore.

Your address

Be careful when thinking of adding a full section listing all of your niche interests. Chances are, many of them are detracting from, rather than adding to your application.

Irrelevant information

A resume objective

Generic resume objectives are a thing of the past. Prospective employers don’t need you to tell them that you’re looking for an entry-level role in [industry] and are eager to use [skills] — that’s obvious.

Your age, gender, sex, religion, birthday, country of birth, and other personal factors should never weigh into hiring decisions — it’s illegal — and they shouldn’t appear on your resume.

Personal details

Microsoft Office

Unless you truly have exceptional, specialized skills in this realm — far beyond what the average professional can do — then these aren’t skills to add to your application.

Is your email address still beaniebabiezzzz23@hotmail.com? If so, it’s time to create a more professional alternative. You don’t want recruiters and hiring managers to see this on your resume —it won’t reflect well on you.

An unprofessional email

Social media accounts and proficiency

You may be tempted to include social media in your skills section, but you should only do so if you actually have experience working in the social media space professionally — such as if you’ve handled your employer’s accounts or have taken courses in the area.

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