Six Online Courses to Understand the World of Finance

There is plenty of free-to-access finance content out there. Blogs, YouTube channels, and podcasts are great resources for casually browsing through topics or getting answers to specific problems.

Yet, online courses are ideal for those who prefer more structure to their financial education. These courses are affordable, but many also offer accreditation upon completion, which can elevate a resume and open new career opportunities.

Finance for Non-Financial Professionals teaches students the basics of accounting and finance. Concepts covered include financial planning, forecasting, budgeting, cash flow, and valuation.

Finance for Non-Financial Professionals by UCI

The Complete Financial Analyst Course 2022

The course is very Excel-heavy and teaches students how to create financial statements, calculate a company's sales, create loan schedules, and more.

To get a holistic and historical overview of finance, consider Yale's Financial Markets course. Rather than picking up practical accounting skills, the course imparts a deeper understanding of the concepts and forces that underpin finance.

Financial Markets by Yale

Professional Certificate in Corporate Finance by Columbia

Offered via EdX and based on the first-year course of Columbia Business School's MBA program, it teaches students the core of corporate finance tasks.

Khan Academy's Personal Finance covers many of these topics, from student loans to mortgages, to retirement funds. The course comprises video tutorials, and there are no tests.

Personal Finance from Khan Academy

The course studies the behavior of markets, institutions, and individuals. In addition, the course covers an array of behavioral heuristics, highlighting common financial judgment errors students themselves may make.

Duke University's Behavioural Finance

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