The FBI’s Data Breach and How You Can Protect Your Privacy

It was recently revealed that the FBI searched emails, texts, and other electronic communications of approximately 3.4 million Americans without a warrant over the past year.

This news serves as a warning cry for many Americans who want to do a better job of keeping their data private.

What Was the FBI Looking For?

The FBI conducted their searches to uncover foreign cyberattacks that might otherwise compromise the country.

The software company detected a malicious type of malware called FoxBlade. Cyberattacks pose a threat to national security, but how far is too far for the FBI?

How Can We Stay Protected?

Any legal or legislative action that occurs due to this FBI search will take time, but there are certain steps you can take to protect your privacy today.

Jonathan Brodsky, CEO of live-streaming social media app YouNow talked to Wealth of Geeks about steps to take to protect your privacy in our increasingly digital world.

“Use a browser that clears cookies and doesn’t save your history,” he says. “I prefer to have a browser setup for this rather than browsing in incognito mode.”

He also advises using a VPN – or a Virtual Private Network – and rotating it regularly. A VPN makes it harder for third-party sites to track you because it encrypts your movements and disguises your identity by hiding your IP address.

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