‘Only Murders In The Building’ Creates the Perfect True Crime Send-Off

With season one having drawn to a close and season two in the works, it’s safe to say that, as Hulu’s top-viewed comedy TV series ever, Only Murders In The Building has tapped into the cultural zeitgeist in a way that works. 

Performances from minor players, up-and-coming stars, and comedy greats interweave to create a tapestry that is both heartfelt and funny, making this the rare show about murder that manages to also be about lonely people, enduring loss, and found family. 

The central conceit features a small group of true crime aficionados that become friends, including former TV actor Charles Haden Savage, struggling Broadway director Oliver Putnam, and apartment renovator Mabel Mora. 

Once relative strangers, these neighbors team up to solve the murder of an especially vulnerable resident of their shared apartment building in NYC, the Arconia. 

The series works to create a parody of true crime fandom overall. 

Yet, one of the most important things it does is to gently urge both true crime and parodies thereof to create better, more humanistic portrayals of the human lives behind the headlines.