Out of the Ashes: A Third-generation Cowboy Stage Show Makes a Stunning Comeback

Flying W Ranch in Colorado Springs has stolen the hearts of millions of visitors over the years. Almost eight million, to be exact.

Secluded high above the city, this breathtaking 1400-acre working cattle ranch continues to keep the old west alive.

Since 1953, Flying W Ranch has served up chuckwagon suppers to more than 600 people a night, six nights a week, to visitors from all over the world.

Leigh Ann Wolfe runs the show now. She's the third generation owner of the Ranch. Her grandparents first dreamt up the idea for the entertainment venue.

It's a Family Affair

At the height of Flying W Ranch's popularity, the Waldo Canyon Fire consumed all but a handful of buildings on the property. It took eight years for the Ranch to reopen its doors.

Waldo Canyon Fire Destroys the Ranch

In rebuilding, Wolfe realized they had a unique opportunity to create a facility that could also serve the needs of corporations.

Corporations Are Also Taking Notice

The highlight of the evening is a one-hour concert put on by the world-renowned Flying W Wranglers—a delight for guests of all ages.

The Flying W Wrangler

What about this working cattle ranch sparks such an interest and keeps people coming back, even decades later? Flying W Ranch offers a unique experience for visitors.

Experience an Old Fashioned Chuckwagon Dinner

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