10 Outdated Technologies People Still Love and Use

Are you still using something considered old and outdated but prefer it or can't let it go? You've got company.  

Someone recently asked, “What old and obsolete technology; do you still use and enjoy using?” Here are the top-voted responses. 

Wired Headphones

“Wired headphones,” shared one. “I gotta keep the earbuds on a leash, feel me?” Another stated, ” I can't get earbuds to stay in my ears. I've tried on about six different types. My husband runs with his in, and I can't turn my head.” 

Pencil and Paper

Another replied, “Yep, I write screenplays as a hobby. Even though I have a laptop with the software, I never write a new script straight to it. I always write with a pen in a notebook and then copy it to the computer.” 


“Physical menus,” replied one. “Get out of here with that code-scanning nonsense! You will NEVER convince me that staring at your tiny screen will ever be better than a physical menu.” 

CD and Cassette Player

“My CD/cassette player. I still have most of my CDs from the 2000s that I like to listen to, and I also listen to my mom's mixed tapes from the 80s that she made. It’s better than any Bluetooth speaker, in my opinion.” 


“My cars,” said one. “1989 Ford ranger, 1980 Chevy truck, 1991 Jetta. All are running great!” Others commented with their 1993 Geo Prisms and 1999 Rav4s' before someone admitted, “I just switched my 90s Ford Ranger for a Maverick. I had to wait for small trucks to return to the market.” 

Film Camera

Another shared, “I had Photography Science back in high school and became obsessed with it. I've been considering getting back into photography and developing film. You might be my inspiration.”  

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