25 Completely Ridiculous and Outdated Traditions It’s Time to Boot

Certain traditions have stood the test of time, some even adding a touch of excitement to our lives.

However, some practices are so ludicrous, terrible, or even harmful that it's time we give them the boot! Here are 25 examples. Don't you agree?

Expensive Weddings

It's time to reconsider the notion that a wedding needs to break the bank. Let's shift our focus from extravagant displays of wealth to celebrating love and commitment.

Down Payment for Engagement Ring

The tradition of spending a significant amount of money on an engagement ring can put an unnecessary financial strain on couples. Spouses should prioritize the relationship's value rather than the diamond's size.

Smashing Birthday Cake

While it may seem harmless, smashing a birthday cake can create a messy and wasteful situation. There are less wasteful ways to celebrate birthdays, like personalized gestures or fun games.

Shoving Cake Into Someone's Face

This practice often leads to discomfort and embarrassment for the person on the receiving end. People forget others might be allergic to certain substances and food.

Forced Marriages

Love and consent are beautiful things that should be the foundation of any marriage. This means forced marriages should not be in a modern and progressive society.


Mostly practiced in Spain, the cruel spectacle of bullfighting inflicts unnecessary suffering on animals. It also puts humans at risk of injury that might cost their lives.

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