Outside-of-the-Box Christmas Movies (and Where To Stream Them)

From the site that brought you out-of-the-box Thanksgiving specials and seriously messed-up Christmas specials, we're here to put you in the holiday spirit with some outside-of-the-box Christmas movies.

Outside-of-the-Box Christmas Movies (and Where To Stream Them)

Die Hard

Die Hard remains one of the most controversial movies of all time, not for its language or violence or anything, but rather for its status as a Christmas movie (this is as hotly debated as whether The Nightmare Before Christmas should be watched for Halloween or Christmas).


The first of a few horror movies that appear on this list, Gremlins is also strangely one of the more lighthearted (albeit still incredibly creepy) horror movies to watch during the holiday.


Like Gremlins, Krampus portrays a unique blend between horror and comedy (though it features plenty of scenes far darker than in Gremlins). Mere days before Christmas, a dysfunctional family gathers to celebrate the holiday.

Black Christmas

One of the most underrated and influential horror movies of all time, Black Christmas easily presents the most frightening depiction of the holiday season out of any film on this list.