6 Overrated Fictional Characters That Failed to Impress

Everyone has at least one fictional character that they can relate to. But some well-known fictional characters don't always sit right with fans.

Whether it's the character's personality or an issue with the writing, it always sucks when our favorite movies and books have that one character that we can't stand.

Redditor u/phantom_avenger asked r/AskReddit, “Who is a fictional character everyone loves, but you just can't see the appeal?” Fans flooded the thread with their least favorite fictional characters.

As someone who doesn't spend a lot of time consuming Batman content, I know way too much about the franchise's most popular villain, the Joker. This may be because of what uRed_Eyez93 had to say: “I think he's a great character…but I think he's overrated.”

The Joker

Ginny Weasley is the youngest and only sister of the Weasley siblings, and it was clear since book two that J.K. Rowling created Ginny's character solely to become Harry's romantic interest.

Ginny Weasley

“I like his character. But at times, it really felt like the show had no idea what else to do with him other than talking non-stop about the Night King. Then once that was done, he was only used as a plot device,” shared u/phantom_avenger.

Jon Snow

In a testament to Stephanie Meyer's character writing skills, u/phantom_avenger said, “I mean most of the characters in that series make me cringe.”

Edward Cullen

“He did like two good stuff in his life you people are giving him way too much credit,” said u/Time_Cucumber3945ll.

Severus Snape

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