Interest in Paddlesports is Exploding

Here’s Why You Should Give it a Try

Finding ways to exercise outdoors never became more apparent than during the pandemic as social distancing became a necessity. Many chose to explore and exercise outdoors through paddlesports, which have exploded in popularity.

Given that most people live within 15 miles of a waterway—whether it be a lake, river, or stream—getting out on the water is a great way to combine the outdoors and exercising.

Aguaglide, an Oregon-based company focusing on water sports, describes the ten reasons why paddlesports have become so popular. These include ease of access, cost-efficiency, and time spent outdoors.

Dawn Celapino of San Diego, CA, also has a fitness-based business built around working out with dogs called Leash Your Fitness. She often leads kayaking and paddleboarding with dogs.

Low Impact, Highly Efficient Cardio

“It’s great for core, balance, and upper/lower body, especially when going against the wind and current. Additionally, I love being on the water—it’s my meditation. I have paddled in lakes all over the US and Canada, and it’s a great way to explore.”

Getting outdoors for exercise and exploration is good for both mental and physical health. There’s even the science to prove it. “It’s so good for your body and soul,” says Eastburn.

Getting Out in Nature

“It’s very therapeutic to be out on the water away from technology, getting your Vitamin D. You are moving your body; it’s good on your joints.”

While some may find it intimidating or challenging to hop on a board or in a kayak for the first time, it is pretty easy for any skill level to try. Freedom of Fitness founder Sandra Blackie says this about her experience with paddlesports.

Easy To Learn

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