8 Get Paid to Date 

Website and Apps

Ohlala is one of the more popular dating sites that pay money, especially among the younger population. This platform connects you to single users around you. 

1.  Ohlala

This platform is more focused on connecting travel partners. This site is for both men and women in several countries. 

2.  Miss Travel

Rent A Date is one of the largest paid dating platforms. Their main focus is on providing partners for social events. The site is available for both males and females from all around the world, with the age ranging from 18 years to 75 years. 

3.  Rent A Date

This is another online app to get paid to go on dates. It's an auction-based service—clients bid against each other to choose a date. You simply create a profile and clients can bid against each other, you accept any of the offers and you have a date.

4.  My Bunny Date

This is a site for women who are willing to date for money. The clients who use this site are mostly generous and successful men who want casual dates.

5.  Price Point Date

This website is geared towards women in search of men they can go on dates with for a fee. 

6.  Rent A Gent

RentAFriend sums up its focus in its name. It is a site for people in search of platonic relationships. You get paid to be a friend. 

7.  RentAFriend

1.  Her 2.  Tinder 3.  OKCupid

The Best Get Paid To Date Apps