Seen a Decline in Your Kids’ Social Skills During the Pandemic? Experts Say Play Board Games

The U.S. Surgeon General released an advisory in December on the growing Youth Mental Health Crisis, and experts are seeing a drastic decline in children’s social skills. 

Parents have racked their brains to keep their kids social while socially distancing, but according to 7 in 10 parents surveyed by OnePoll, they see kids' social skills at risk. ⅔ of surveyed parents worry their kids have gotten more socially awkward, and 30% or more are concerned they have trouble sharing, staying quiet for long periods of time, and waiting their turn. 

What’s an affordable solution for parents that doctors recommend and kids will put their device down for? It's a 4,000-year-old invention that everyone can agree on – board games. 

They are such an effective tool for developing social skills that leading experts and therapists have played board games with kids for decades. 

It's why Dr. Jon Freeman, Clinical Psychologist, Neuroscience Researcher, board-and-card game enthusiast, and Founder of The Brooklyn Strategist, offers an after-school social skills program at his Board Game cafe. 

It's such a game-changer that school administrators recommend kids play at Brooklyn Strategist after school, even pre-pandemic.