Study Reveals Striking Differences Between Millennial and Generation Z Parents

Generational Shift in Parenting Styles:

The moms, who ranged in age from 18 to 54, were asked their opinions on 26 different parenting principles and what it means to be the “perfect” mother to children aged eight and under.

Opposed to their Millennial counterparts, mothers of the current generation, Generation Z, tend to place a higher value on perfection. They gave much higher marks than their parent's generation did to eleven of these parenting ideals.

GenZs Want To Be The Perfect Parent

One point on which both groups are in agreement is that social media has the most significant external effect on their notions of perfection.

Overall today's young adults have lofty standards of their own even while they raise kids.

On Parenting Ideals

For instance, 67% of parents in both categories want to provide their children with nutritious meals, and 49% across the board want to maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise.

When it concerns parenting ideals, respondents of different ages felt the same way about a lot of issues.

On the other hand, parenting practice meant different things to both groups of parents. Generation Z parents have diverse opinions on parenting practices.

Divided On Parenting Practices

According to the study report by What To Expect, this may be because they have distinct perspectives on the controversies surrounding those practices.

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