Celebrating Patriotism on Wheels:

The 20 Most American Cars

In the automotive industry, it’s no secret that many manufacturers use parts — engine, transmission, suspension, etc. — assembled from different countries.

But after evaluating over 300 vehicles, digital auto marketplace and solutions provider Cars.com reveals there are cars still made here in America.

Tesla Model Y and Other Models

The data shows that Tesla is the “Most American Car” this year, a title it retains from 2022. Of all the vehicles assessed, four of Tesla’s models — Model Y, Model 3, Model X, and Model S — took the top spots, with the Model Y in first place.

According to Cars.com, this reflects the growing “electrification” in the country. “2​​022, hybrid and all-electric models made up 14 of the AMI’s 95 vehicles (15%); this year, there are 14 in the top 60 alone and 22 in total (22%),” a representative says.  

Honda Passport

According to Cars.com’s data, Honda Passport is manufactured in Lincoln, Alabama.

German car brand Volkswagen is in sixth place with the ID.4, which falls into the SUV category like the Passport. The difference is that ID.4 is electric. Cars.com reported that the ID.4 EV is manufactured in Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

Volkswagen ID.4

Honda yet again lands on the list, but this time for their popular family minivan model Odyssey. It appeared on the roads for the first time in 1995, with production in Japan but later moved to North America.

Honda Odyssey

In the 2023 AMI, Cars.com reported that the manufacturing of the Odyssey is in Lincoln, Alabama. Today almost a decade after its initial introduction, Odyssey, now on its fifth generation, continues to be a top contender for families looking for a spacious yet versatile vehicle. 

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