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If you are an avid movie fan, you may have seen Pauly Shore in all his glory in the popular comedy movies of the '90s like “Son in Law,” “Encino Man,” and “In the Army Now.” Today, the famous stand-up comedian also holds the roles of producer, film director, and podcaster.

Are you interested in learning more about this versatile artist who combines tickling our funny bones and making money? Then, continue reading this article to find out Pauly Shore's net worth and little snippets of his life, career, and achievements.

Pauly Shore's net worth is estimated to be $30 million. CEOWorld Magazine ranked him as one of the world's wealthiest comedians at #69.

Pauly Shore Net worth

Pauly Shore – Short Bio

Pauly Shore, originally named Paul Montgomery Shore, was born on 1st February 1968 in Los Angeles, California. The 54-year-old comedian, actor, and filmmaker is 1.71m tall. Born to Mitzi Shore and Sammy Shore, Pauly Shore has three siblings: Peter, Scott, and Sandy Shore.

In 1972, his parents opened an American comedy club called The Comedy Store. After his parents separated in 1964, Mitzi became the store's sole owner, and Pauly inherited the club after her death in 2018.

Pauly Shore – Early Life: It's in the Genes

Pauly Shore – Career & Achievements

Pauly Shore assumed multiple roles during his career. He has done everything from MTV to mainstream TV to his gigs as a comedian!

Pauly Shore got his first big television break in 1989, when he got the job as an MTV VJ. From 1989 till 1994, Pauly gained popularity as he continued to work at MTV as a Video Jock for the show MTV Spring Break.

Pauly Shore's Career on MTV

Pauly Shore's Comedy Albums

Pauly's first comedy album was released in 1991, which earned some success. He also made a music video for the song “Lisa Lisa, the one I adore.”

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