Paws Before Partners:

Why Many People Find Comfort in Cuddling With Their Pets Instead of Partners

It’s no secret that pets hold a special place in their owners’ hearts, as eight in 10 said that their pets are their number one source of joy, according to a survey of 2,000 cat and dog owners.

Pets give so much more than just love and loyalty to their parents, whether it's helping them become more mature (48%), teaching them patience (45%), or improving their overall mental health (43%).

It's no wonder that six in 10 pet owners admit to confiding in their pets when they have a bad day and prefer to snuggle up with them instead of their partners.

Pet Parents Shower Pets With Luxuries

Seven in 10 cat and dog owners believe their furry friends live like kings and queens, which explains why they indulge them with luxuries like designer clothing and custom-made beds (49%) and take them to high-end pet spas (44%).

According to the survey, pets have their own demands too, with their favorite hobbies being running or playing in the backyard (47%) and playing fetch (44%). 

Pet Mental and Physical Well-Being

Pet Appreciation

Pet owners love to indulge their pets with toys and special treats. On average, pet owners buy their pets a toy twice a month, and 76% report that their pet becomes more energetic after receiving a special treat or toy.

For pet owners, their pets' unique personalities (44%), cuteness (42%), loyalty (38%), intelligence (35%), and ability to provide emotional support (33%) are the most important things.

Pets Are Part of The Family

Pet parents prioritize their pets' well-being and are willing to go the extra mile to show their love and appreciation.

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