4 Times You Should Take a Job With a Pay Cut, According to a Career Strategist

I’ve changed eight jobs and worked in 6 countries as part of a 21-year corporate career. If you’re in two minds about taking a job with a pay cut, here are the top 4 reasons you should go for it.

When you want to enter a new field it isn’t always straightforward to position your previous experience to fit the new job profile and showcase your value to the employer. You may be offered a position that seems beneath your level of expertise.

When You’re Exploring a New Career

– What of this new role had the potential to skyrocket your career? – Would you be adding to your skills and experience? – Would this opportunity help you expand your network?

In this case, ask yourself the following questions:

Changing countries can be quite complex – whether you’re doing it for personal or professional reasons. Add to it the Visa considerations, and it can put a spin on the best-laid plans.

When You’re Changing Countries

Many parents take a break when their kids are little. For some, months may become years and that is perfectly okay. Hiring managers, though, prefer candidates that have been active in their careers because they are more likely to have momentum and be more ‘in touch’ with the job market.

When You’re Getting Back in the Job Market

In such cases, getting a foot in the door should be your number one priority. It is perfectly fine to discuss this with your interviewer as well.

I moved cities when I married my husband. Another time was when my husband got a job in the U.S., and I decided to move with him from India. I had to work my network to get an interview at a top Consulting firm in the U.S.

When It's a Personal Reason

Six rounds of interviews, and finally, the offer was mine! Was the money at par with what a U.S. candidate would have received? Definitely not. But this new role had the potential to skyrocket my career, would add to my skills and experience, and definitely expand my network.

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