15 People Universally Loved Who Were Actually Really Big Jerks

We are all human, even those celebrities who are able to switch on their public persona for the cameras. However, if we look closely, people’s true colors come through when the flashbulbs stop popping. 

An online discussion is unveiling some of these famous faces — these are the views of the general public (not us here at Wealth of Geeks, I must add). 

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah, says our opening commenter, for her sins against the public. “She spent decades getting paid by every quack with a pseudoscientific health product to appear as guests on her show,” claims the critic. 

Bill Cosby

One contributor notes that a friend working on The Cosby Show revealed how “Bill Cosby was no family man like he portrayed on The Cosby Show.” No kidding.   

Barbara Streisand

Allegedly, Streisand appeared on a no-go list at a prominent Bay Area hotel, according to a staff member. What’s most surprising is how one of the other guests on that list was the aforementioned Bill Cosby. 

Ellen Degeneres

Ellen made headlines when staff members of her chatshow accused her of creating a toxic working atmosphere rife with bullying. As I said: when the cameras stop rolling.

Jerry From Tom and Jerry

Too many kids side with that mouse with scant regard for Tom, who is just doing his job as a house cat. Jerry was obviously smarter than Tom, “yet he chose to stay and gleefully tortured an innocent cat for years,” adds another fan. 

Steve Harvey

“What does Steve Harvey not know about marriage?” asks a commenter, mimicking Harvey’s gameshow persona. “We asked 100 of his ex-wives.”

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