Personal Finance Tips for Veterans and Their Families

The number of homeless veterans rises every year, and many also deal with disabilities or other cultural disadvantages. It is not a great scene, but the good news is that with some knowledge and guidance, veterans can get their financial life in order and get back on track.

If you are a veteran who is back on American soil or is about to return, then you should be made aware of the tools that you have available to keep your finances in check.

Today, we will talk a bit about budgets, resources, and how you can find a job once you leave the military.

Sit down with your family and make a list of all of your income streams, including the salary that you and your loved ones bring in and how much you may be getting from the government.

Create a Budget

Next, write out every single expense that you have on a recurring basis. That includes your monthly utilities, grocery shopping, credit card payments, and all of your extra expenses, including how much you spend on the daily coffee runs and dinner out, plus the money you spend for fun on the weekends.

Now, look at what you have left over after all expenses are paid. If money is short or it will be a stress to make ends meet, then you need to eliminate some unnecessary costs.

The good news is that since you fought to defend our country, the American government has some resources that you can use if you are facing financial straits.

Use Your Resources

For instance, you can apply for a clothing allowance, help with your dental care, assistance with insurance, and a basic medical benefits package. If you qualify, then any one of those may help to lighten your financial burden.

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