Why Your Personality Will Get You 10X Richer Than Your IQ

Did you know that only 2% of financial success is explained by having a high IQ? That, according to research by a Nobel laureate, helps explain why having a good personality will get you farther than just being smart.

If you’ve ever wondered if you’re savvy enough to accomplish your goals, the answer is simple: it doesn’t matter. The better question is: Do I have the right personality traits?

Which personality traits are associated with financial success? Let’s take a look at four.

People willing to go the extra mile to get their job done are conscientious. They possess the self-discipline and self-control to achieve their goals even in difficult situations.


Conscientious people are also highly organized and willing to delay gratification to achieve their goals and dreams. They are careful people. They don’t leave things to chance. In relationships, these people always follow through and feel bad if they somehow fail the other person.

Curious people are more likely to try new things and take calculated risks. They also want to learn new topics, even subjects that are unrelated to their career and hobbies. For instance, curious software developers might spend their weekends learning about woodworking.


Diligent people rarely give up when things get tough. Instead, they push through until the job is done or there is no conceivable way forward.


If you could somehow distill down the three personality traits above into one overarching ability, it would be street smarts. Street smarts is the ability to survive in the world. This includes knowing how to defend yourself and who to stay away from.

Street Smarts

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