Build a Pet-Care Side Hustle Business Through Rover

The best side hustles combine income potential, something you love or are very good at, and a fair amount of flexibility.

For many people, including yours truly, that made pet sitting with the Rover app a near perfect fit.

Like Uber, TaskRabbit and Instacart, Rover connects independent contractors with folks who require their particular services, in this case, vetted pet sitters with needy pet owners.

Matching Rover to Your Schedule

Flexibility is key to a great side hustle. As a Rover sitter you’ll have complete control over what pet jobs you book and when. 

Customizable options within the Rover app allow you endless ways to adapt pet sitting to your existing lifestyle.

You choose what services to provide and advertise, in any combination and adjust rates you will charge easily.

Once a client requests a service, you coordinate dates and details on the app and get their location once booked.

You are free to deny requests, although doing so affects your sitter score.

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