Photo Selling Apps: Earn Money with Your Cell Phone Images

Whether an amateur, hobbyist, or established photographer, photo selling apps are a great way to make money online.  

Selling photos on various photo selling apps also helps supplement freelance work and can be a welcome source of passive income simply by uploading pictures taken straight from your phone.

How Photographers Make Money on Photo Selling Apps

Shutterstock is one of the most established stock agencies. Once photographers register and submit their work, Shutterstock takes 1 to 2 days to review submissions against their technical and compliance requirements. 

1. Shutterstock

Each time a customer downloads a photo, they are purchasing a license. The photographer earns a percentage of the price they pay for that license.

Formerly known as iStockphoto, iStock and Getty images have formed a powerhouse relationship as both companies are world-renowned for their stock photography.

2. iStock by Getty Images

Foap has attracted some major brands like Nivea, Kraft Heinz, and Volvo to its photo selling marketplace.

3. Foap

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