Marketing Your Photography as a Side Hustle

Almost anyone can manage vending machines with a bit of money to invest or drive Uber if they have a car.

However, photography as a side hustle will require not just the right equipment but the proper training, experience, and marketing ability.

If you want to become a full-time photographer, consider side gigs as necessary training sessions. Only hands-on experience can teach you how to work with various clients.

You may have a wealth of knowledge as a hobby photographer, but it’s essential to learn what professionals in each field do that makes their work desirable and financially viable.

Find Your Niche

For example, you might have developed a unique way to photograph dogs in action. But many owners prefer to pay for a posed photograph of their pup. Building both skills makes you more marketable.

A photography portfolio is a digital collection of photos used to showcase your artistic expertise. It is not a collection of every picture you have ever taken, but rather a brief sneak peek into what you are marketing to clients.

Build a Portfolio

It’s important to curate your portfolio with the style of photos you intend to sell. If you want to sell portrait photography packages, don’t include ten experimental landscape photos you took while camping.

Business cards are old school, but they are still great tools for working your services into casual conversations. Best of all, they are cheap. You can order hundreds of personalized business cards for only a few bucks.

Market Yourself

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