Fall Bucket List: 30+ Fun Fall Activities for Familie

As we gear up for this beautiful season, I wanted to share my fall bucket list filled with fun fall activities for families that don’t cost too much money!

Go on a Nature Walk

Autumn also usually has great weather for extended walks- not too hot or too cold. So grab a light jacket and explore your neighborhood with a nature walk.

Make a Nature Craft

It’s the season to celebrate nature. Use the treasures you collected on your nature walk and create a beautiful masterpiece or evoke fall colors by doing a DIY paint night or another seasonal craft.

Go to a Harvest Festival

Many towns host a harvest festival in the fall, so be sure to check it out if one is near you (although it may be worth it to travel a bit just to join one).

Make and Eat Candy Apple

Yes, you can buy candy apples, but where is the fun in that? Making candy apples is actually simpler than it seems, and you can add whatever toppings you want! But, of course, don’t forget to brush your teeth afterward!

Pick Pumpkins or Apples 

Pumpkin patches and apple orchards are open in the fall and are great fun activities for the whole family.

Host a Large Family or Friends Meal

As cold weather slowly sets in, it’s a time to slowly gather indoors with your loved ones. Grab the family or some friends and host a dinner with all the trimmings.

Go to a Farmer’s Market

Head to your local farmer’s market and check out all the amazing fall offerings on sale. Fall is a particularly great time for Farmer’s Markets as many delicious fruits and vegetables are in season.

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