10 Highest Paying Plasma Donation Centers  (Earn $500 per Month)

More people are keen to learn about plasma donation. It is slightly different from blood donation, and there are some unknowns associated with this process.

If you are curious about getting the most money for donating your plasma, we have some answers for you. Finding the highest-paying plasma donation centers can take a bit of time, but these nine options should give you an excellent base to choose from. 

BioLife Plasma is one of the top spots to donate plasma if you are looking to make money. This company works on creating cures for serious illnesses that people are facing. The BioLife Plasma centers are located across the entire country. 

Biolife Plasma

You can earn up to $400 per month with CSL Plasma, and they have a debit card where all of your earnings will go. Overall you should not have a hard time finding a location in your area that allows you to make some extra money. 

CSL Plasma Inc.

Based on the rates of other similar centers, you can estimate that you would make about $400 a month. This would mean that you would be donating every two weeks. Pay attention to the latest specials on the Kedplasma website.


Most people are getting paid around $300 per month for the BPL plasma donations. One of the unique benefits of the BPL plasma centers is that you can earn referral benefits. If you start recommending friends and family to donate plasma, you earn extra money.

BPL Plasma

Immunotek has close to 30 locations around the United States. Although the Immunotek reviews and prices are about the same as most other locations, they are pretty quiet about how much you can make. 


The new Grifols buddy program can help you refer friends and family and make some extra money. Again, you will have to determine if you are into the plasma donation to make money or if you are looking to donate to help people. 


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