Players Flock to Bitcoin Mining Simulator Game to Earn Crypto

RollerCoin is a crypto mining simulator game that boasts 2 million players, double the amount it had just six months ago, who have mined 26.5 bitcoins in total. 

The best part is that it has many bells and whistles that a real bitcoin miner experiences without the need to invest in any pricey equipment that becomes outdated by the time it arrives. 

As bitcoin has been thrust into the mainstream and GameFi has gained traction, this online play-to-earn crypto game's popularity has soared. 

GameFi has upped the ante in the blockchain gaming segment, giving users the chance to earn digital assets in a decentralized way throughout gameplay. 

RollerCoin is free to play, but users can still make and withdraw real crypto as they advance.  No wonder it's growing like wildfire. 

RollerCoin harnesses the key incentive behind bitcoin mining, which is to earn rewards in BTC. These rewards are commensurate with the amount of power a miner contributes to the network. 

In the game, players can accumulate mining power in one of two ways: playing games or purchasing miners. The power that is purchased lasts forever, but the power earned by playing free games only lasts for 24 hours, which is meant to keep players online. The more you play, the longer the power will last.