7 Podcasts About Modern History to Keep on Your Radar

If you're looking for modern history podcasts to add to your library, you don't have to go far.

Redditor u/zippykeno asked the subreddit r/podcasts for recommendations: “I am looking to get in the podcast game. And I wanted to start with a podcast about modern history. Preferably something about the last 25 years or something.”

u/Accomplished_Beat224's favorite history podcast is The History of the Twentieth Century by Mark Painter. He is 315 episodes in he's covered up through 1938,” they explained, adding that the podcast has no ads.

The History of the Twentieth Century

u/alanfossil loves The Rest is History. According to them, the show “covers a wide range of time, but a lot of modern stuff (with a British slant/humor).”

The Rest is History

The Dollop comes highly recommended by many Redditors. It's a humorous history podcast where the hosts read stories about American history to a comedian who doesn't really get it.

The Dollop

If you're dipping your toes into the podcast pond, Redditor u/ShadowsofUtopia recommends Hardcore History, “especially their episodes on WWI (blueprint for Armageddon).”

Hardcore History

“The first season was a deep dive into the Iraq War,” u/Nerokis explained, adding that, “the second season was about the Cuban Revolution, and the third season was about the Korean War. US shenanigans are the main through-line.”


As u/Nerokis explains, “The first season is about Watergate and the second season is about the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal. Feel free to listen to the Clinton/Lewinsky season and then Blowback's Iraq War season for a nice dive into the turn of the millennium-adjacent Americana, lol.”

Slow Burn

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