Pokémon Evolutions We Need: Smeargle, Eevee, and More


The cornerstone of Pokémon designs in the Pokémon series is seeing them change and shape throughout evolutions. 

Sure, some non-legendary Pokémon in the series don’t evolve, but they are generally less exciting. The thought of leveling up a Pokémon in anticipation of its new form is a blast.

But for the ones who don’t evolve or still have room for one more evolution stage, this is where the disappointment lies. Thankfully, Game Freak has fixed this issue in the past for Pokémon, who sorely needed an evolution like Stantler and Misdreavus.

25 Pokémon Evolutions We Need

The first two-stage Pokémon on this list, Floatzel, is fine on its own as this water otter Pokémon. But there is the opportunity for so much more as it feels slightly more extensive and better than its first stage, Buizel.


Luvdisc, on its own, is a cute but sad Pokémon. Just a tiny little heart-shaped fish feels like the first in a two-stage chain, at the least, but it never happened.


Drednaw is a fun Pokémon from Gen 8, but its small stature makes it feel like a third-stage evolution is missing somewhere. The Water/Rock Pokémon gives off the vibes Rhydon once did in Gen 1 before receiving its final evolution in Gen 4.


Espurr and Meowstic are some of the best Gen 6 Pokémon, feeling like almost starter Pokémon in a way if the Psychic type was ever used for that. What’s strange is that there isn’t a third evolution that sees the final transformation of the hypnotic cats.


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