All Pokémon Professors’ Looks Ranked From Best to Worst

Professor Willow of Pokémon GO just got a brand new look (and a good one at that). The beauty of the app version of Pokémon is that characters and locations can get a modern refresh without too much hassle.

Still, looking back at the professors of old, some of their looks certainly stand the test of time. So to celebrate Willow’s new look, here’s a look at all of his colleagues’ appearances over the years, ranked from best to worst.

Hailing from the Kalos region, you’ll recognize “ladies man” Professor Augustine Sycamore from Pokémon X and Y. His snappy dress sense and irrepressibly bouncy hair have earned him the top spot on this list.

1. Professor Sycamore

Next up is Professor Kukui, regional Pokémon professor of the Generation VII games, Sun and Moon and Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Much like Professor Sycamore, I’m giving second place to Kukui based largely on sheer confidence.

2. Professor Kukui

I couldn’t split up the power couple that is Kukui and Burnet, so Professor Burnet had to be next on the list. She has truly managed tech fashionable, with her high-tech suit and advanced goggles completing her look.

3. Professor Burnet

Now for the main man himself, Professor Willow. Now that I’m looking at them one after another, he’s actually got a similar hairstyle to Burnet but with a physique to put most of the other professors to shame.

4. Professor Willow

Sinnoh’s Professor Rowan is probably the fiercest looking Professor there is, with striking facial hair. Despite his seriousness, I like the change in pace in Diamond and Pearl with Professor Rowan.

5. Professor Rowan

For a man who spends most of his time outside, it’s perfect that his look is somewhat disheveled, with a bushy beard and messy hair. Still, there’s nothing overly special about his outfit, placing him solidly in the middle of this list.

6. Professor Birch

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