Pokémon Urban Legends and Conspiracy Theories That Will Terrify You

Spooky times don't just happen in October. They can be all year long for the beloved Pokémon franchise. With such a long history and a massive fan base, there are countless urban legends, conspiracy theories, and horror stories that abound in the community. 

In celebration of the darker parts of the Pokémon series, here are six of the creepiest stories and theories you will ever hear about the supposedly kid-friendly franchise.

Don’t be surprised if you can’t look at these cuddly little Pocket Monsters the same way after this. You’ve been warned.

Legend: Cubone Is Actually the Baby Kangaskhan

As you may already know, the Ground-type Pokémon wears the skull of its dead mother, meaning that every Cubone’s mother died. The problem is that when a Cubone egg hatches, it’s already wearing its dead mother’s skull, despite just being born.

Combine this idea with the fact that every Kangaskhan is born automatically with a baby in its pouch, and the dark realization becomes clear. 

Legend: Mimikyu Is Just a Dead Clefairy

It is common knowledge that Clefairy was supposedly going to be the original mascot for the Pokémon series. Still, its cute and cuddly pink design led to Pikachu being chosen instead.  Mix the fact that Mimikyu is a Fairy type, like Clefairy, and you can see where the similarities begin.

In 1997, more than 600 children ended up in the hospital after airing the Pokémon anime’s 38th episode, “Computer Warrior Porygon.” In this infamous episode, a horrific sequence of flashing lights and visuals resulted in seizures in these kids. 

Real Story: Hospitalized Children in Japan

They were then sent to the hospital, and the episode was banned worldwide for its problematic nature. Though Porygon wasn’t necessarily the cause of the horrible visuals, its central focus in this episode led to it not appearing much at all in the anime since. 

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