What Do The Poor Know Better Than The Rich?

A great question arose on Reddit recently, with holdmyhand pondering whether those at the top table really know how to live:

“What are the things the poor people know that the rich don't?”

User Delicious-Praline had a great first post, receiving many upvotes in the process: “1, 001 ways to prepare a potato.”

A Class Apart

Though, who is to say the elite can't prepare a potato? I am sure multi-millionaire chef Gordon Ramsay would beg to differ. However, I do get the gist. Those who need to stretch the weekly grocery budget will attest to the resourcefulness necessary.

Stretching The Weekly Shop

This user, munch-the-gunch, was a little less humorous, and must be feeling the rather sharp pinch of an altered fiscal landscape that is hurting many citizens.

Keeping on The Lights

“How long it takes for the power company to shut off your lights off it you're late on the bill,” munch wrote. This was echoes below by almost-queen, who said, “And how to arrange payments and time them just right so that you're balancing electric, cable/internet, and water.”

“What to do if you'll ever find yourself in a month without money,” he wrote. “Everybody can lose money and become poor,but it feels a bit more ‘safe' if you already went through it and know how to survive with as few as possible.”

Character Building

By ‘safe', I am assuming he means self-reliant. Teetering on the financial edge can hardly be referred as safe — though, I do get the sentiment.

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