22 Most Popular Colombian Food Dishes To Try Today

Have you ever tried Colombian cuisine? South American food boasts more than just flavorful meat dishes and nowhere is that more evident than in Colombia.

The country's unique culinary culture is shaped by its regional diversity, history, and altitudes that make up for its distinctive cooking styles and tastes.

Colombian food is incredibly diverse, flavorful, and often surprisingly easy to make. Whether you're cooking for yourself or gathering with friends or family, there are plenty of unique Colombian dishes to explore. Let's check some out!

Made from chicken, potatoes, corn, Ajiaco is a must-try delicacy. It gets its unique flavor from a combination of local herbs found in Bogota called guasca.


This beef soup will surely hit the spot if you are in the mood for something hearty. A rich Bogotan stew, Caldo de Costilla is made with shredded beef shanks cooked in a broth along with potatoes, carrots, onions, celery, garlic, and cilantro.

Caldo de Costilla

This zesty stew hails from Cartagena on the Caribbean Coast and is made with freshly caught shrimp, crab meat, squid rings, clams, mussels, and vegetables, all cooked in a flavorful broth infused with garlic and cumin.

Cazuela de Mariscos

Sancocho is arguably Colombia's best soup. Widespread throughout the country, it is particularly popular in the coastal city of Cartagena.


This green mango specialty hails from the port city of Cartagena and, with a liberal dose of seasoning, delivers a real flavor kick.

Mango Biche con Sal y Limón

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