16 Popular Myths That Trick More People Than You Realize

It's interesting to see how deep-rooted myths stay engrained in a society that continues to spread misinformation. 

A recent online discussion dives into several examples of these myths. Here are our favorites.  

Good People Get Rewarded

There is that idea in our society that good people will always get rewarded, and bad people are punished. However, it is clearly not that black and white.  

Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal of The Day

Diets are so personal to the individual, and because of that, breakfast food and eating in the morning don't work for everyone's bodies! 

The Key to Success Is Working Hard

Overworking yourself actually will make you less productive! Avoid burning yourself out and increase your productivity. Thus, you create your success.  

Carrots Give You Better Eyesight

Did you know that rabbits shouldn't eat that many carrots because of how much natural sugar is in them? Likewise, they don't do anything to improve your eyesight either. 

Humans Use 10% Of Their Brains

Unfortunately, there's no untapped potential in our brains that will grant us superhuman intelligence. We only use 10% of our brains at a time.  

Hard Work Brings Wealth

The only thing you need to be wealthy and successful is money, not hard work.  

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