14 Popular Obsessions Holding You Back From Living Your Best Life

While we throw the word obsession around loosely to describe an affinity for a particular Gelato flavor or the Instagram model de jour, a true obsession is genuinely unhealthy.

Several obsessions are so common they are nearly universal, and the world would benefit if these went the way of the Beanie Baby.


Several users have expressed their exasperation at how people seem to never be okay with being single anymore these days. 

Settling for Less

Settling for someone based on the appearance of a “healthy relationship” seems to be the consensus on what not to do. That said, many people are addicted to the ideal-looking family, including who they choose as a partner. 

Riding The 24/Hour News Rollercoaster

When news-watching reaches that “so horrifying I can't look away” level, it's reached unhealthy obsession territory.

Retail Therapy

Do you need new clothes for work every week? Save that hard-earned money and stop living paycheck to paycheck.

Only Eating at Restaurants

Along with over-shopping, learn how to cook meals at home. Eating out at every meal is a really expensive habit to have. It's not that good for you either. Save going out to eat for special occasions.

Social Media Clout-Chasing

How many relationships have fizzled out because one partner couldn't stop taking pictures for the ‘gram rather than living in the moment? What would a generation of online pranksters accomplish if clout-chasing had never been monetized?

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