15 Popular Phrases That Are Immediate Red Flags About a Person

A recent post from a popular online community posed the question, “What is a phrase someone says that is an instant red flag?” and the readers responded with their not-so-likable terms. 

Here are 15 popular phrases that are immediate red flags about a person. 

“Trust Me. I'm Not Like The Others.”

While trust, or mistrust, is an instinct in all of us, I like to take the high road and instill trust in someone until they give me a reason not to – unless they tell me to trust them because they are different from everyone else.  

“Do You Know Who I Am?”

Oh, dear. Pulling the “I'm so important you should already know me” card is a huge red flag for a person whose ego is larger than life.

“We're Like a Family Here.”

When interviewing for a new job, wanting to know the work dynamic is always beneficial. But if the work environment is a familial one, you may want to consider declining the position.

“All My Exes Are Crazy!”

Most of the time, it just means the person takes no accountability for the failings of their relationships.

“A Lot of People Don't Like Me Because I'm Blunt.”

Sure, it's a good thing to know what type of personality you have, but when loads of people don't dig it, it might be time to reconsider how you affect them and work on changing it.

“Either You Trust Me, or You Don't.”

All trust is NOT the same: there are many types and levels of trust – and trying to “bootstrap from one to the other with some flimsy guilt trip is dishonest.”

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