Porsche Enthusiast Becomes an Amateur Sleuth To Help Police Catch a Murderer

The thieves reportedly never intended to steal a fire engine red 964-era Porsche 911; their initial target was a Polaris Slingshot. However, the 964, the rarest 911 Porsche has ever produced, was just sitting there. 

How could they not take it? 

Especially when it was parked so close to their intended target, being that the 964 was cloaked with a car cover, clearly expensive, and in mint condition, it was likely clear to the thieves this was not a daily driver and would thus not be reported stolen in the immediate future. 

This Porsche is bright red and one of the rarest in existence (the 964 was sold between 1989 and 1994, so it doesn’t look modern either), so any eyewitness would remember and report seeing it at the crime scene. 

And sure enough, it was spotted close to the scene of a homicide – on security camera footage, no less. 

The footage was very grainy, so the police could not discern much outside of that the vehicle was a red Porsche 911. So, they sought out the help of a Porsche expert to learn more about the car. 

Enter Matt Adair. Adair immediately identified the Porsche as a 90s-era 964 upon seeing photos of it.

Someone from Adair’s circle had gotten wind of the search and spotted the car in Portland, Oregon.  He reached out to Adair, sending a photo of the car, and Adair instantly knew it was the Porsche he was looking for.

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