Should They Be Playing Video Games?

Children Home For The Holiday.

While getting overtaken by zombies in a fun Roblox game may seem like a good idea, questions surround the child’s welfare in the crazy online world. Will the child be exposed to violence, sexual content, advertisements, cyberbullies, and even predators?

Research increasingly suggests that video games may provide many benefits for children, including making them more intelligent.

Are Video Games Rotting My Child’s Brain?

Learning via video games can improve the vocabulary and pronunciation of gamers. Technological advancements such as personal avatars, voice chats, text, and goal-based interaction can influence this learning.

Video Games For Language Learning

Unfortunately, not every game is suitable for kids. Parents must check the game rating and reviews before allowing their children to play.

Educational Video Games For The Holidays

That being said, there are many beneficial educational video games for children of all ages. Here is a list of some great educational and fun video games on the market at the moment:

Take your child on a trip around the world and test your geographical knowledge: gameshow-type questions, video clips, and pictures to learn about different countries and the natural world.

National Geographic Challenge

Transform a blank canvas into a magnificent metropolis. Build a thriving city while learning about infrastructure, road planning, pollution, and employment, to name a few.

Cities: Skylines

Solve crosswords and puzzles with Wordscapes. Expand vocabulary by learning new words and their spelling.


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