Posting On Social Media For Attention

9 Worst Offenders


Social media is crammed with photos and videos of adorable youngsters wearing carefully curated outfits or enjoying a picture-perfect day at the beach. 

1. Using Kids as Props

2. “Grief” Posts


Whether mourning the end of a romance or the death of a relative, these social media pros look absolutely stunning.  

3. Limited Charging Stations


One forum member snarled about people pretending to be charitable just to post their interactions on social media for likes.  

4. Posting Yourself Crying


Why is the latest influencer on your newsfeed crying? Let us count the reasons! A relative is sick. Poverty exists. 

5. Hospital Photos


The IV in the arm. The hospital wristband. The blurred shot of the medical chart. These photos usually have a cryptic caption but no explanation for what's going on. 

6. Vagueposting


You probably know someone whose Facebook feed includes posts such as “going through a lot” or “every time I try, I fail.”

7. “Prank” Videos


Pranks are getting out of hand these days, with many of them verging into “criminal activity” territory. 

8. Nonstop Selfies


Those perfectly filtered photos with captions like, “I look terrible today” or “Why can't anyone date me?” If you want to share, just drop your selfie and go. 

9. Lying About a Relationship


A friend who privately complains about a significant other may tell a different story on social media.