Avoid Posting These 5 Things on Social Media

One of the biggest changes to job hunting in the past couple of decades is the increasing presence of social media.

Social networks have opened new channels for connecting with professionals and searching for jobs (LinkedIn, anyone?), but they don’t come without risks.

While we all want to be ourselves and speak freely, there are a few things you should avoid posting during your search – or really, anytime.

Never Post Anything Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Ageist, or Otherwise Discriminatory.

It should go without saying that such sentiments can harm your professional reputation. It's also flat-out harmful to others; don't do it.

Before you search for the latest Tik Tok earworm to accompany a video about your ridiculous boss or demanding company, remember that your future employer could be watching.

Don't Share Disparaging Commentary About Companies You’ve Worked For.

Keep Your Anger About the Job Hunting and Interviewing Process Under Wraps.

Sharing observations or general frustrations about the process is okay; commiserating about the challenges of the hunt can be a great icebreaker on LinkedIn.

For some roles, even an innocuous photo with a beer at a barbecue could cause concern. Whether you want to obscure that type of info is up to you and will depend on your field. Regardless, nothing illegal should ever be viewable to the public.

Only Show Good Judgment, Especially Regarding the Law.

Ensure Any Sensitive Personal Information Is Private.

Make good use of privacy settings on platforms that have them. On platforms with less-robust privacy options, before you post, ask yourself if you’d be happy to discuss the topic in an interview and use your best judgment.

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