The Power of Reading:

6 Reasons Why You Should Read

Reading has the ability to completely transform your life situation. Even though reading is required literacy teaching for schools, its application goes way beyond that of the academic setting.

By harnessing the power of reading, ordinary people can develop skills that are otherwise inaccessible.

Here are 6 of the best reasons why you should read.

Increased Memory

No matter how proficient you are, when you read a book, you employ your memory! There are characters, sentences, and events (if you're reading a fiction book) that you need to remember for maximum fluency.

When you read, all of your focus is on the book. If you're doing a read-aloud, this is even more true. Over time, all this practice of focusing adds up. All you need to do is read a couple of pages a day to develop a habit.


Another perk of reading is that you'll gain new knowledge of words! You know that quirky friend/coworker you have that's always showing you up with new fancy vocabulary… you can do an uno-reverse on them one day if you read enough!

Added Vocabulary

A good novel can bring you far far away from your daily life and help you really get away. How nice is that?! You get your very own vacation, without ever needing to step foot outside your house.

Entertainment / Stress Reduction

When you read, not only will your comprehension skills go up, but so will your writing ability. Exposure to great pieces of literature has an effect on your writing abilities beyond just vocabulary words.

Better Writing Skills

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