12 Powerful Genshin Impact Characters Lorewise

Genshin Impact has a vast number of characters that we met during our journey through Teyvat. While we know how powerful the Archons are, there are characters that are stronger than they seemed.

These are the list of Genshin Impact characters that are more powerful than you think, lore wise.


Some even have claimed to witness her flattening the Stormbearer Mountains, whether it’s true or not, it remains unknown. 


Before the arrival of the Traveler, Diluc had abandoned his Vision and opted to use Delusion to avenge his father’s death and find out who’s behind it. We all know what happened to Delusion users in the end.


Not only is he the bearer of the Hydro Vision but he also wields the Electro Delusion given to him by Tsaritsa. His power just proves how strong and frightening Fatui’s Harbingers are.


One of her feats is accidentally choking a giant monster to death as it underestimated the width of her waistline, much to her embarrassment.


She received her Electro Vision after she slayed an ocean beast, Haishan, with just the might of her greatsword. Haishan is an ocean beast, a mix of a dragon and a fish with the might of a deity.


Xiao is also known as the “Vigilant Yaksha”, he’s the only remaining Yakshas after the Archon War. While his fellow Yakshas succumbed to the karma or fall during the Archon War, he’s the one who stood unperturbed.

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