10 Fun Princess Leia Gold Bikini Facts With Stunning Photos

Also known as Slave Leia, it is Carrie Fisher's costume in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (1983). It's an iconic look that shows Princess Leia Organa as a vulnerable woman and sci-fi sex symbol vs. the bad-ss member of the Rebel Alliance she is.

It was controversial then, and it is still discussed today. Nonetheless, the Princess Leia gold bikini is one of the most duplicated ensembles in cinematic history. Leia cosplay is a significant vibe at Comic Cons across the United States.

Princess Leia's Gold Bikini Ensemble

The complete gold bikini ensemble includes a patterned copper brassiere that is fastened behind her neck and back with string. In addition, a dark red silk loincloth covered a copper plate for her front and back.

Designing the Bikini Princess Costume Fact #1

Rodgers says the inspiration for Leia's slave outfit came from the Egyptian Queen artwork of Frank Frazetta, who had an affinity for the female form. In addition, the designers molded Carrie Fisher's torso for a custom fit.

Wearing Leia's Bikini Fact #2

Carrie Fisher has repeatedly gone on record about Princess Leia's bikini being highly uncomfortable and not something she picked to wear. Despite her hatred of the metal bikini, her complaints allegedly led to its creation.

Carrie Fisher and Her Stuntdouble Fact #3

Carrie Fisher had an incredible stunt double in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (1983). Fisher and her stuntwoman Tracey Eddon wore a rubber version of the bikini for comfort during action scenes.

Rehearsing the Jabba the Hutt Scenes in Star Wars Fact #4

Carrie Fisher admitted in an interview with Fresh Air, “When we first rehearsed it, Hans and Luke are brought in front of Jabba. They talk to Jabba, Jabba talks to Harrison and Mark, and then they're led off.

They never say, ‘Hey, how are you?' So as they were being led off, I said, in the rehearsal, ‘Don't worry about me! I'll be fine! Seriously!' Which I thought they should've kept in there.”

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