9 Things Marketed

To Stupid People


Many children lose their lives because their parents believe in the power of these remedies over modern medicine.

1. Essential Oils' Healing Powers

2. Pay-To-Win Mobile Games


Success is often determined by how much amount of money one is willing to spend rather than skill or strategy.  

3. Pricey Baby Gear


It doesn't make much financial sense to buy expensive clothing and other stuff babies will quickly outgrow.

4. Trump NFT Trading Cards


Despite the humorous nature of the cards, they managed to sell out, adding to the overall irony of the situation. 

5. Homeopathy and Magical Thinking


There was a time when it appeared like the system was about to support homeopathy until someone stepped in and raised concerns about the wisdom of relying solely on magical thinking 

6. Signs and Astrology


Such practices and lack any evidence, suggesting that they are primarily marketed toward individuals who are more inclined to believe in the mystical rather than rely on scientific reasoning. 

7. Rings That Absorb Bad Vibes


Those rings break because they are made of a crystal that becomes extremely brittle when exposed to moisture. 

8. Foot Detox Pads and The Detox Craze


 If someone's digestive system isn't working, they need medical attention rather than relying on such products.

Anything From the Kardashians or Other Celebrities


A 2022 study found that people obsessed with celebrities and celebrity culture tend not to be super intelligent.