7 Professions People Love to Hate Until We Need Their Help

It's no secret that there are some jobs out there that people without that profession love to hate. That is, until someone needs their help.

Redditor u/RedsRaver took to r/AskReddit, wondering: ” ‘Everybody hates me until they need me.' What professions are examples of this?”

Other Redditors replied in their comments with suggestions.

“The US Coast Guard for fishermen and boaters. Usually there's a pretty good working relationship between them, but some hate the Coast Guard for the various inspections they do. But the USCG is also the ones who will come out there in a storm to rescue them,” said u/raym0ndv2.

The US Coast Guard

“Lawyers job is always to get a fair judgement based on prior cases and the language of the law. Yeah, there is corruption, but thats usually not on the lawyers part (its usually coming from higher up in the court).”


“My uncle is a plastic surgeon and he does only reconstructive stuff, fixing burn victims faces and stuff like that. But when people ask him what kind of doctor he is and he says Plastic Surgeon, they usually kinda scoff,” said u/darkysix.

Plastic Surgeons

“When you get everything in order and pretty much humming along, people say, ‘What are we paying you for if you are just sitting there?' ” wrote u/OpiumPhrogg. “When s*** goes haywire , they say, ‘What are we paying you for if you can't keep the stuff from breaking?' ”

I.T. Technicians

“Absolutely nobody wants their car towed until the day that they need somebody's car towed,” said u/MikelUzumaki.

Tow Truck Drivers

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