40 Profitable Small Business Ideas to Inspire You

Are you thinking of starting a side hustle to help you pay the bills or meet other financial goals during this unprecedented time? You are not alone. 1/3 of respondents of a recent survey said they already started a side gig, and 1/5 said they'd like to start one.

If you feel like you don't know how to get started, we researched 40 profitable small business ideas that you can begin as a side hustle and grow into potential full-time jobs.

House Sitter

If you're looking for a business idea that involves travel, consider house sitting. This involves taking up temporary residence in people's homes while they're away. Most house-sitting gigs are unpaid, but additional income involves watering plants and pet sitting.

Cleaning Business

A cleaning service can mean many different things. This can be regular housekeeping at a residence or commercial building or even one-off jobs such as apartments moving out deep cleaning. Typically cleaning services charge $50 – $90 per hour, so this can be a great regular side hustle!

Carpet Cleaning

Since this is a specialized field, there is less competition for carpet cleaners, so they can usually charge around $50 per room. This comes out to be a profitable small business idea if you schedule all your carpet cleaning appointments around your schedule.

Pool Cleaning

Considering people typically pay $150 – $300 for a one-time pool cleaning, it can be a lucrative business, even more so if you create a subscription service to do regular touch-up cleaning. You just need to have some knowledge of pools or YouTube to learn the business.

Moving Service

People always need help moving. Whether they're asking friends for help or bribing with free pizza, moving is a hassle. It's often a hassle people are willing to pay for help. This includes helping to box up items, move items, or transporting; moving is a big service with big pay.