6 Soft Skills That Will Get You Promoted Faster Than Hard Work

Three out of five companies say they're much more likely to focus on soft skills, both in-house and when looking at hiring potential candidates.

Long gone are the days when expertise was enough to get ahead. In today’s competitive work environment, the ability to develop and leverage soft skills, like a strong work ethic and a positive attitude, will make a difference in what we both personally and professionally achieve.

Throughout our work lives, we make considerable investments in education and training to develop expertise. Here are six soft skills you should have in your tool belt that will help you find long-term career success in the modern workplace.

Get out from behind your desk — especially if you’re new to your role. You must make it a priority to show up on time for meetings, attend special events, prioritize time management on team projects, set up lunch dates with key members of your organization, etc.


Your body language speaks loud and clear long before you say a word. The way you carry yourself sends strong messages about who you are and how you feel about yourself. Your presence and demeanor should communicate self-confidence.

Self Confidence

A high emotional intelligence quotient is especially important when you’re leading in today’s diverse workforce — you need to develop a sense of others’ feelings and perspectives so you can lead a team.

Interpersonal Skills

Emotional intelligence refers to your ability to perceive, control and evaluate emotions. When you sharpen this ability, you can more effectively find your voice, assist in conflict resolution and create your sphere of influence.

Emotional Intelligence

Assertive behavior means expressing your thoughts, feelings, and needs directly, clearly, honestly, and respectfully to others. It requires a combination of hard and soft skills, which you can work to develop over your long-term career.


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