41+ Proven Ways To Make Money Fast (Some From Your Couch)

There is no shame in looking for additional ways to make money, even if it is just $ 100 to pay your cell phone bill or pay extra towards a student loan. Life can happen to all of us. 

So whether you’re in need of $300 to make ends meet or just need to make money fast today, here are some of the quickest ways, strategies, and ideas to help you make some quick cash!

Rent Out a Room With Air Bnb

Whether you live in a booming city, by a local airport, or in a rural area, Air BnB allows you to rent out space in your home to people in need of just that – space to stay somewhere.

Complete Online Surveys

Survey Junkie is one of my personal favorites and at one point I was making an extra $15 per week simply filling out surveys during lunch.

VIPKid is the most known online tutoring website out there, boasting over 30,000 tutors worldwide! They specialize in teaching English to foreign students (primarily Chinese students).

Tutor Kids Online

Scan Receipts & Get $10 With Ibotta, ShopKick, or Rakuten

While you're not going to get rich scanning receipts, you can make quick money doing just that. Not to mention – you're simply capitalizing on the shopping you're already doing!

Paribus is a great way to make money and you can really make some money back with those big-ticket items like technology buys and furniture!

Download Paribus & Get Money Back

While you might not be sitting on your couch, you can certainly sit on the waiting room couch of your local blood plasma donation center and donate some blood plasma and make $30 today, and up to $300 extra per month. 

Donate Blood Plasma

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