How Queen Latifah Spends Her Money:

Early Mistakes and Overcoming Adversity

Have you ever wondered how much a queen is worth? Queen Latifah is an American rapper, singer, and actress. Queen Latifah's net worth is fit for a queen, the queen of rap, that is.

As of 2022, Queen Latifah's net worth is approximately $70 million. Her outstanding net worth is a result of decades of hard work in the music and film industries, and she is one of the richest female rappers in the world.

Over the years, Queen Latifah has developed multiple streams of income. She earned her initial fortune by excelling as an artist in the music industry.

She then leveraged her success to continue in other ventures such as music producing, acting, executive producing, and voice acting.

Queen Latifah made her mark in the music industry by being a trailblazer for women. In her music, she frequently rapped about issues common to black women, such as domestic violence and relationship problems.


It originally served as a record label and management company but now serves as a talent management and film production company called Flavor Unit Entertainment.

Flavor Unit Records and Management

Her acting career has earned Queen Latifah many prestigious awards. She has won Golden Globe, Grammy, and Primetime Emmy awards and many other award nominations.

Movies & Film

Queen Latifah has had a long-standing deal with Covergirl Cosmetics. She launched the Queen Collection in 2006 and has recently rejoined Covergirl in May 2022 in a multi-year partnership consisting of a brand-new collection.

Brand Partnerships

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