Put a Financial Plan in Place First

Thinking of Quitting Your Job?

The landscape for working Americans has undoubtedly shifted. These significant changes in how we do business and manage work-life balance can be nerve-wracking.

You must be thoughtful about a potential job change to ensure you're not inadvertently leaving money on the table. Here are several items to consider before you leave your current job:

There are many moving financial pieces involved with a mid-career job switch. There might be items you will not see coming. That's why working with an experienced fiduciary advisor is so critical.

Seek Help From a Financial Professional

You want to be sure your exit is not immediately before a vesting cliff date. Perhaps sticking around just a month or two longer will result in clocking out for the last time with a lot more cash.

Look (at Your Vesting Schedule) Before You Leap

By rolling over your old 401(k) into an IRA or rolling it into your new employer's plan, you can keep your financial house in order when you start at a new company.

Get Ready to Roll

Set up what stock options you have earned and plan for striking on them. Stock options strategy is one area where working with an advisor well-versed in this type of employee benefit common among highly compensated workers can pay off.

Review Your Options

Be sure to work with your current employer to receive any variable compensation you deserve. Know the qualification periods and payout dates. It would be unfortunate to overlook a key date and miss bonus money by just a few days.

Don't Bail Before Your Bonus

When making a career move, the elephant in the room is what will happen with your healthcare coverage. It can be a significant risk if you have a growing family. It would be best if you worked with your current and new employers to have continued insurance.

Don't Forget About Your Healthcare Benefits

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