Raise Review: Buy Discounted Gift Cards and Save Money

Maybe someone gifted you a baby store gift card, but you don’t have kids, or you’ve gone gluten-free and won’t use the rest of your Olive Garden gift card.

The website Raise allows users to both buy and sell gift cards. Therefore, you can use the website to trade your gift cards for cash online or to save money on purchases.

 The e-commerce platform allows third-party sellers to sell new or used gift cards via their marketplace alongside Raise’s other regular offerings.

What is Raise?

When shopping on the platform, you might see digital and physical gift cards at a discount of between 1% and 30%.

How Does Raise Work?

Raise is a legitimate company.  This warranty includes a refund guarantee if you can prove that the gift cards hold no balance.

Is Raise Legit?

Raise is relatively simple to use for both buyers and sellers. The first step to buying or selling on Raise is to create an account.

How to Use Raise

Creating an account is free, and you can begin browsing immediately after signing up. From there, you will decide whether you want to buy or sell gift cards.


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